Solar Panel Kit – 250W

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Price: 70.000(seventy thousand) SCCTN

Delivery time: estimate 21 days

You can check here how we install the solar panel.


Solar Panel Kit is one of the first plug and play systems on the European market. Kit includes all necessary parts to connect it to your home(AC) network via your existing socket. Microinverter will automatically detect your voltage and your working frequency and adjust accordingly.

Installation is extremely simple and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Solar Panel Kit includes:

  • A 260W polycrystalline solar panel,
  • A 250W MPPT micro inverter,
  • aluminum “A” mounting kit,
  • Set of cables and connectors.

Up to 4 systems can be used in a cascade in order to provide up to 1000Wp.

This kit is designed as an upgrade of our Smart Home Kit.
Smart City App already includes a Solar widget.

Here are the Graphs from our App




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