Smart Home Starter Kit


The Central unit of the smart home set…

50.000 (fifty thousand) SCCTN.


Available on backorder


SmartCity is a Community of SmartHomes. To test how smart home works is SmartHome StarterKit just perfect …

Through an easy installation of plug-n-play sensors and actuators, you can now collect information about your energy behavior in real time and use it to improve your family’s life quality. Together with our Chinese supplier we have developed first retrofit Smart Home Kits that covers 80% of energy monitoring needs in an individual household. Kit includes a central unit and following sensors and actuators:

  1. sensor for total consumption + 3 ct clamps
  2. sensor for car charger + 3 ct clamps
  3. sensor for battery + 3 ct clamps
  4. sensors for outside temperature
  5. sensor for inside temperature
  6. sensor for the washing machine
  7. sensor for the fridge
  8. sensor and actuators
  9. sensor and actuator
  10. sensor and actuator


You can follow your sensors and manage your actuators at – we offer demo access: user:demo, pass:demo.


If you need it for Christmas let us know. Without prior notice, we expect to ship in January 2018.

If you decide to buy more advanced kit we will fully refund the price of this starter kit upon return.


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